How do I report a concern?

We're serious about maintaining the integrity of our member community so you can have the best possible experience on our site.

It's easy to report suspicious activity or inappropriate behavior. Just click the Report a Concern icon, which can be found on every member profile.

Reported concerns are always completely anonymous. Once you click the link, your concern will bypass our normal customer care process and go straight to the appropriate team for review. Because of privacy policies, we can't disclose any actions that may result, but know that your safety is extremely important to us.

We encourage you to report another member if they:

  • Request money
  • Try to sell you something
  • Offer you a job, or a "unique opportunity", especially in another country
  • Tell you they are in a different country than what is listed on their profile
  • Have a photo that doesn't add up (i.e. doesn't match their information)
  • Send you harassing or offensive emails
  • Are knowingly married (not separated) or a minor
  • Have an inappropriate profile or photos, or send them to you via email or text message
  • Behave improperly during or after meeting in person

Need More Help?

We also have a feature that allows you to block a member from contacting you, just follow the steps here: How do I block a member from contacting me?